Living a healthier life 

Think before you act there are so many things that happen to us because of our environment that can impact us and cause our life to shorten. Drinking too much, taking drugs, driving recklessly to name a few. Those are all choices and decisions that we make and can impact how long we live. There are basic things we can do to help our health as knowing your chloestrol. Having high Cholesterol can show no symptoms, most people don’t know they have high cholesterol because they don’t do annual check ups. Keeping your weight down, know your blood pressure and doing annual check ups with your doctor once a year. Cutting out processed foods out of your diet is important, why put toxins in your body? Remember, if bacteria can not grow on your food you should have no reason to be eating it then. Having a way to cope with stress is also important as for me, I find that jogging and pilates help me to destress. Mental health is just as important as your physical health, so take the time to treat your self like a hike or do something that you get pleasure from. As someone getting into the medical field I believe it’s important to acknowledge mental health as well because it is just as important, be nice to one another as you don’t know what they’ve been through, let your friends know that you appreciate them sometimes it’s the little things that can help someone. 🙂 


Marissa Mitchell 


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