Best foundation for acne!

Finding the perfect Foundations can be tough, especially tougher when you suffer from acne, rosacea etc. I’ve found over the years of using foundations that the only foundation I will say helped my acne and also gave me amazing coverage as well, that was Clinique! 

Clinique is an amazing makeup company that cateres to every type of skin type out there. What was so great about the Even better foundation is that it contains salicylic acid and SPF 15 in it. While it’s helping your acne with the salicylic acid in it, it’s also giving your face such a flawless coverage. I actually wear the even better foundation on more of a daily basis, as when I go out at night time I always like to do more of a dramatic look and will use more of a thick foundation such as Dior forever that will last me the whole night. I always say, it’s always best when you have acne not to even bother wearing foundation, instead just letting your skin breath or even a light weight BB cream is great! If you are someone who does like to have foundation on, the even better foundation by Clinique is a must! It’s lightweight, and buildable to please your preference. Clinique products are inexpensive and highly quality. 

Thank you


Marissa Mitchell 


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  1. I’m testing beauty counter tint skin but like the idea of salsylic acid in the clique one.

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    1. What is beauty counter tint skin?


  2. Jesstmxo says:

    Very interesting thanks for the tip! Check out latest blog hopefully it will be of help to you ❤

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