Treat your body from the inside out! 

Treat your skin from the inside out! Achieving a great complication starts internally, with great healthy foods. Mangos for example, are loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin A and is a natural internal moisturizer. Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids, which act as a natural moisturizer. Green tea, which I personally love, contains great antioxidants that boost oxygen and blood flow to your skin. Help your body internally and it will thank you with beautiful skin! Now help your skin externally by exfoliating, having a skin care routine, and protecting it from UV rays. Exfoliating is considered an important technique to achieve healthy and glowing skin. When old skin cells begin to start piling up on the skin, they can clog your pores and create future breakouts. Simply by exfoliating it removes the top layer of dead skin and prevents clogged pores and unwanted break outs. The process of exfoliating your skin is basically renewing your skin by stimulating collagen growth which can clear the apperances of blemishes. All of us have different skin types and it’s important to know what type of skin you have. Whether you have dry, oily or a combination of the both it’s important to find products that cater to your skin type. To protect your skin from the sun, always wear sunblock!!

Thank you 


Marissa Mitchell 


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  1. Love your post. 🙂 It brought a big smile to my face.

    I am back! yay!!! And have a new poem up. It’s a collaboration I did with my sister. Hope you enjoy.

    How have you been? It’s been a while.

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    1. Hey Charliezero1 I’ve been great, how have you been?

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      1. Cool. Cool.

        My apologies for the long absence. Last month was not my month or this year in total. I lost my mother in law, and my grandpa recently passed away. 😦 It was too much for me…and I needed a break from everything.

        I’m feeling a little better now. Once in a great while I’ll have flash backs.

        Writing poetry helps me calm down and gets me going.

        What’s new with you?

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      2. Wow, that’s a lot to deal with. I’m so sorry for your lost, I can only imagine how painful that would be. Be strong.
        What do you mean flashbacks?
        And that’s great, you have a way to cope with everything! Poetry I can why someone would feel calm!

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      3. Thank you.

        Flashbacks…I don’t think I mention this to you. I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I was a victim of bullying when I was a child, all the way through the end of middle school. I survived high school graduated in 2004. After that – One after the other, I started to get flashbacks and I start to cry or want to be left alone. Again, poetry, reading books, or going out by myself helps me to cope and be distracted.

        Enough of what’s going on in my world. How is life treating you? What have you been up to?

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      4. Oh wow, do you take medications for it? I’ve heard of PTSD, but don’t know much about it. Did you get diagnosed? Bullying is terrible, why would they even bully you for that’s ridiculous.
        I’ve been great a little stress out with finals around the corner. On the other hand school is almost over so I’m looking forward to enjoy my summer haha

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      5. I don’t take any medication. It’ll mess people up in the head. My medicine is poetry, reading & Happiness. 🙂

        I got diagnosed in 1999. The reason why I got bullied was because I looked different, skinny, nerdy, goth, & vulnerable. Plus, at that time I was listening to a lot of ‘Nine Inch Nails’ which is my favorite band, marilyn manson, korn, ministry, KMFDM, & skinny puppy.

        You have finals? awesome! What’s your major by the way?

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      6. Wow, that’s good tho I wouldn’t personally would want to take medications. My major is a physician assistant in dermatology 🙂

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      7. Dermatology. Beautiful! Your the first person I know that want to major in the field. 🙂

        I’m so proud of you. 🙂

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      8. Yes I’ve always had a passion for dermatology in a medical perspective. How about your self, do you have a degree?

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      9. That is amazing and please strive for your passion. 🙂

        I’m actually going back to college again. I shall be taking online classes. I have a fear of being in class with people. I get nervous, scared, and get anxiety. It’s just who I am.

        If I do go back…I’ll major in creative writing classes or art. 🙂

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      10. Ah I see so from high school, of all the bullying traumatized you to go back to school, wow. That makes me sad that people can be so rude

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      11. I was going to college back in 2006. However, due to everything going on…and sacrificing myself to take care of my grandpa. I had to stay home and take care of him and my family. The good thing that came from taking care of family. Is last year, I released my first poetry book ever. 🙂 Hope is beautiful and hope is freedom. 🙂

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      12. Really, I want to read your poetry book. Where can I get my hands on it?

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      13. First, I’ll send you 3 links to people who bought my book and did a book review. Read it, and if your eyes peek your curiosity, then I’ll send you the link where you can get your hands on it. 🙂 Deal?


      14. Wow, I love it!!

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      15. Hey how you been?

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      16. I’ve been well. How are you? It’s been awhile. You’ve been busy with school?

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      17. No I’m on summer vacation 🙂

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      18. Cool. Cool. How was your weekend by the way?


      19. It was bad :/ wbu?

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      20. What’s wrong? Everything okay?


      21. Mines, was pretty good. Spending time with family.


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