Spring Skin Essentials


Hi loves, I know ive been super MIA on here. I haven’t wrote anything in about 2 weeks and I feel so bad that I havent really been so active on here. I promise i’ll be more active on here from now! I wanted to talk about spring!! I’m happpier than ever that spring is here and the warmer climate is ahead of us. Its important to always have great skin care products with you because of the stronger uv light, I always make sure I have these products with me at all times. I’ve spoken on my previous blogs about the dangerous of the sun. Don’t get me wrong, with enough protection the right amount of sun is good for you. In general, humans should always have just the moderate amount of things not too much or not too little.


With the warmer weather approaching us, sunglasses should be major KEY with saving your skin. I always make sure I have an extra pair of sunglasses in my car. Just by sitting in you car in traffic with the sun beaming on your skin does enough damage for it. One tip I can give is to always make sure your sunglasses are 100 percent UV protection, it will usually say it on the sunglasses when purchasing. Sunblock is also important, if you are some one who likes to wear foundation during the summer, make sure to always apply sunblock before applying your foundation. Don’t forget to also apply the sunblock on your hands as well any part of you skin that will be exposed to the sun. If you dont like wearing any foundation during the summer or spring because of the heat i always like to wear tinted moisturizer since it is lightweight, gives your skin some color and wont be so harsh on your skin. I also like to apply a little mascara to give a some what natural look. Lip balm for you lips should always be in your makeup bag, preferably something with SPF in it to protect your lips. I also like to minimize the amount of make up I wear on hot days, because I noticed I begin to break out more on hot days with thick foundation on. Wearing a hat is a must as well, i usally always wear a hat if im going to be outside for a while or even when i run. Staying hydrated is important as well, if you dont like drinking water, coconut water is also a great choice. I like to think of coconut water as a natural gatorade. Over all, sunglasses, sunblock, lip balm, tinted moisturizer are a must for spring! Talk to you all soon, Thank you!!


Marissa Mitchell IMG_0002


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