I wish I knew earlier what I know now in skin treatment, like how to properly wash your face and remove your makeup. I struggled with hormonal acne when I was younger and now that Im past that unfortunately I have reminders of it. I was left with acne scars, but they are pretty minimal now since I’ve done laser treatments in the past. Now I have decided to give dermaroller a try! I had seen other bloggers review it before, which made me want to try it out. A dermaroller works by puncturing your skin, that then triggers your skin to produce collagen and new skin cells to repair the skin. People have said it has help them with acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles. I purchased mine off amazon, decidingto get a 0.2 Cm roller(which are the smallest needles) so my skin can get use to the punctures. The website states that you can use it depending on your needle size from once or twice every week, up to 8 weeks. I purchased mine 2 days ago and it finally came in the mail today! I decided to do a first impression and then do a follow up blog about how effective it was to my skin. I tried it last night before bed! I can’t wait to see if this product is a must use or a fail! I’ll be posting progress pictures in another blog, to see if I get any progress 🙂

ps: Thank you for all the love that I’ve been getting from my blogs!!! I’m so close to 100 followers, I’ll be having a giveaway once I hit 100!!! Thank you ❤️


Marissa Mitchell ❤️


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  1. Yes looking forward to your review I have some acne scaring myself from my teens years and need to get rid out it. So will wait for your next post 🙂

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    1. how was your acne when you had it? Was is bad or not that bad?

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      1. It was hormonal acne and was not too severe at all.

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  2. Siyana says:

    I’m looking forward this review, because this thing looks kind of scary to me! Hope it goes well xx

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