My foundation routine 

Dior air flash, Dior star
We all had to start somewhere. I first started wearing makeup in high school, I knew nothing about foundations, eye liner etc. I was so clueless, I wore orange foundation. I didn’t even know how to color match myself! Which is okay! We all learn from experience. I think makeup is fun and can make one feel in touch with themselves with numerous creative ways. Now this is my face rountine: 

  1. I moisturize my face with Dior hydra life 
  2. I then apply Lancôme la base pro primer *wait until it’s dry*
  3. I use 2 foundations, first I apply Dior airflsh (which is amazing makes your skin look like a mannequin) and then I apply Dior star foundation. I have found that these two foundation work well with my skin and gives me a brilliant natural glow!  
  4. I then set my foundation with mac studio fix powder. 
  5. Last but not least I then set my makeup with mac studio fix!

As you can see I do love Dior make-up, they have amazing skin products which can be pricey but in my opinion they’re definitely worth it. I have figured out over the years that using this face routine works best for me. I accomplish a flawless finish and I love it every single time! ❤️


Marissa Mitchell🌞✨


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