Acai bowl 

Acai pineapple bowl from rum jungle cafe

Acai has been so popular lately! I can’t get enough of the sweet taste of it. instead of spending $8 on it make one yourself at home! I’m going to share some tips on how I prepare my own acai bowl! It’s so easy to make and it’s also way cheaper.

First off you’ll need sambazon acai berry original blend it comes in a pack of 4 for 7 dollars at sprouts. Next you’re going to defrost the pouches, run the pouches under hot water for 10 seconds. Then add:

1/2 sliced banana 

1/2 cup frozen strawberries 

1/2 cup frozen blueberries 

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (you can also substitute this with apple juice) 

*note mix until it gets thick 


Get creative! I usually add kiwi, coconut, bananas, cacao Nibs, chia seeds and granola. However, you can add whatever you want as a topping. You are only limited by your own creativity! 


Marissa Mitchell 🌞


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  1. Sprouts is the best store to shop for good healthy eating and vegan foods. Love your creativity in your Acai pineapple bowl.

    I’m going to make me one of these. 🙂

    Are you going to make more breakfast healthy meals? What about making lunch vegan meals. If you can…please…:)

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    1. I love sprouts, are you vegan?😯

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      1. I’m vegetarian. I did go vegan for about 2 months. I don’t know what happen. However, I’m vegetarian for now…but I’m climbing my way up again to going vegan. Obviously, have to buy a lot of vitamins to boost my immune system and keep it at balance.

        Are you vegan? or Vegetarian?

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      2. Oh I see, no I am not vegan or vegetarian. But I do not eat dairy, any gluten, or meat.. just fish. I don’t what that would make me? Haha

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      3. No diary or any gluten or meat. I think it classifies you as a Vegan.

        I take it you like Susi?

        What made you want to go Vegan? if you don’t mind me asking.

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      4. Well I wouldn’t consider my self vegan because I do eat fish, it’s because I have a health issue I had a scare of high Lipids so I really needed to change what I ate, since heart disease, stroke, heart attack, diabetes run in my family. So I knew by genetics I was screwed. Wbu?

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      5. Oh…my…I’m so sorry to hear. I agree, changing one’s diet can help health wise in the long run and keeping up with healthy eating and healthy living improves everything inside our bodies.

        Well, by luck…I’m okay. I try and work out every day and try to eat well. So, its a start for something.

        Have you ever gone to the vegan fest that happen this year?

        Have you ever tried ‘Veggie Grill’ the restaurant? if so, what do you think?

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      6. No where is vegan fest at? And no where is veggie grill! And where are you from in the US?

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      7. I’m from the city of L.A. and area of Boyle Heights.

        You’ve never heard of ‘Veggie grill’? Well, we have it here in L.A. on Sunset Blvd. Hollywood area if you will.

        As for the vegan fest? It’s actually called: Vegan Street Fair. 2 recently just past. However, there’s one coming up. That’s in September 1 & 2 in North Hollywood. The Federal Bar.

        Here’s the link for more details:

        What about you? Where are you in the US?

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      8. Yes I’m from San Diego, I should go check it out!!

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      9. I’m thinking myself in going. but not so sure. So, what do you think of the event? Sounds interesting?


      10. Question: What kind of music genre are you into?

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      11. Honestly everything, why do U ask? Wbu


      12. Just curious that’s all.

        I’m into everything. But growing up of course rock, industrial, jazz, metal, punk, rave, reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop the old school Hip-Hop, etc..etc.

        Are you into oldies music as well?

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      13. Yeah, I like a lot tbh mainly a lot of metal how old are u?

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      14. I’m 31. Your into metal huh?

        Are you a big Metallica fan? their old earlier thrash fast metal?

        Do you like Judas Priest? Iron Maiden? AC/DC? Ministry? Marilyn Manson? Van Halen? Motley Crue? Pentagram? Black Sabbath?


      15. Curious. How old are you?

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      16. Cool. Cool. 🙂 hahaha!!!

        Now that I know your into metal.
        Check out this industrial metal band.

        My favorite growing up. You’ll appreciate their music trust me.

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