Yes I do shave my face for numerous of reasons. It has many benefits to your skin, removes layer of dead skin tissue, peach fuzz and  it’s also anti aging. The process is called dermaplanning, by doing this you are  exfoliating your skin. I usually do it every 1-2 month on a Sunday night to pamper my self. Friends would tell me about how much better their makeup look which is true, after doing it my makeup would glide on my skin and my face would glow. All you need is a small face razor that you can get anywhere. I got mine at Sally’s beauty salon and came in a 3 pack for 4.99. It’s real easy to do by applying the razor to your face, tilt the razor side ways and be gentle! You don’t want to cut your face. If you want soft baby skin & have your makeup look flawless then you should definitely consider trying this out 🙂 #beauty #skin


Marissa ✨


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